• 19 x 19 stand off spacer, aluminium chrome
  • 19 x 19 stand off spacer, aluminium chrome
  • Polished chrome aluminium stand off spacer 19 x 19
  • stand off spacer diagram
  • stand off spacer dimension table

Aluminium Fitting with Polished Chrome finish - 19mm Diameter x 19mm Length x M10 Thread

Dimensions single pack of 4 pcs ten + packs of 4 pcs
19mm Diameter x 25mm Length x M10 Thread $17.40* pkt $15.60* pkt


Aluminium Stand off spacers with a polished chrome finish are a great way to mount your signs, posters or artwork pictures. These 19mmx19mm panel mounts are ideal for areas where your sign needs to stand out and look smart, whether its your reception area, hallway, waiting room or any other important area.

Supplied with a fitting kit you can have your signs mounted in no time at all!

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